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You may be inviting 100 guests to your wedding, but you probably don’t need to order 100 invites - remember you will group guests by families and couples when you send invites out. Group your guest list to work out how many you actually need before you order.



Always order a few spares. Chances are your guest list will change up until the week of the wedding with people unable to come, new friends you want to invite or old friends you forgot about! I would advise ordering a minimum of 5 spares of each item... this will avoid having to re-order a minimum of 25 items.



You will have gone through your guest list and calculated exactly how many invites you need... but what about yourself?!? You and your parents, best man or bridesmaids may not be receiving invites, but may want an invite as a keepsake! Bear this in mind when calculating amounts and certainly order a copy for yourself - you will regret it if you don’t have a copy for your wedding album!



Choosing a smaller size for your stationery may seem like a good way to reduce costs. However there is no point producing something, if when it arrives the details and writing on it are too small to read! Think carefully about the size of your stationery before you order it.