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Precious Bloom Invite
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Precious Bloom

Gorgeous waves of text and floaty floral designs. 


The perfect addition to any shabby chic wedding. Busy curved sentences create elaborate layouts, managing to look quirky without being messy. ‘Precious Bloom’ looks stunning in both pastel shades and brights.

Available Products

Save the Date  -  Day Invitation  -  Information Cards  -  RSVP  -  Evening Invitation -  Menus  -  Place Names  -  Table Plan  -  Signage  -  Table Numbers / Names  -  Order of Service  - Bespoke Items

There are a lot of options to choose from with our wedding stationery, all of which makes it unique and special to you as a couple.

With so many variables that will effect the price of your stationery it's tricky to give you an accurate price until we know exactly what you want!

If you require more information, would like to discuss your ideas or would like a quote.

Get inspired. See how others have customised 'Precious Bloom'.

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