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Facts & Questions


Q: I have found the style of wedding invitation I want, but it’s in the wrong colour. Can you create it for me in a different colour?

A: Yes, I can almost always re-create it for you with your chosen colours.



Q: I love the design you did for the invitations, but I also need orders of services, a table plan to match and some signs for the venue. Can you make these items as well?

A: Yep. I can use your invitation design and apply it to any other stationery, signage, favours or quirky little touches that you need.



Q: I need my invites next week, can you still help?

A: I will do my very best. If you need something urgently, the best thing is to give me a call or send me an email ASAP and we can go from there. Don’t panic, if it can be done I will do it!! 



Q: I like the design options you sent me but there area few amendments I wish to make. Will it cost me again?

A: No, not at all. Part of the process is to amend and adjust the original idea until you are 100% happy. We will keep amending until it is right! Hopefully any design options I send you shouldn’t be far off what you requested. 



Q: I like the design options you sent me but I have now completely changed my mind on the theme for the wedding. Will it cost me again?

A: Unfortunately yes. Minor amendments are to be expected as the idea evolves, but a complete theme change involves starting from scratch all over again.



Q: I need some help with my 'on the day' stationery, but I have made my own invites.  Do I have to use all your stationery?

A: Nope, not at all. Lots of brides love making their own stationery, it gives your wedding a beautiful personal touch, sometimes you just run out of time or things go wrong. I’m happy to help.



Q: I’ve already sent out my Save the Dates using another company but I would like your help with the rest of it. Is that o.k?

A: Yes, sure thing. I'm glad you have discovered the wonder of PAPER DATE, it would be lovely to have you on board.  It is completely your choice to mix and match different services and products to create your perfect wedding. 



Q: I live in Glasgow but really want you do our stationery, can you help even though we are not local?

A: Yes, sure! It's not always feasible to meet face to face, but don’t panic... the internet makes everything much easier. Physical meetings are a lovely idea but not always convenient. Most decisions can be made via email, phone, text, facebook messenger, whatsapp, instagram, facetime, skype or the next newest app. I can also send physical samples of any papers for you to look at.



Q: I have more than 300 guests coming to my wedding, do you offer any discounts?

A: If you don’t ask, you don’t get. The ‘cheaper to buy in bulk’ theory does apply to some stationery, and the more I make the cheaper it becomes to produce. Please get in touch with any queries on larger weddings and I will see what I can do for you.



Q: My Mother-in-law-to-be is demanding that I change the theme of the wedding. Will you please talk to her for me?

A: Weddings are very emotional events, and many members of both sides of the family may want to be involved in different ways. If you want to bring friends or family members along to a consultation or want me to send the design options to various people that is fine, just give me a list. However, I do try to stay out of family politics, so I am afraid the Mother-in-law-to-be is all yours to deal with.



Q: I have seen your design on another site at a cheaper price, will you price match?

A: Oh really? That can’t be right, because I have designed all the collections from scratch. If it is exactly the same as one of my designs then please send me a link so I can arrange for some suited mean looking lawyers to make some enquires. However if it is just similar, then I advise you to check the quality and details of their stationery before you make a decision on who to purchase from.



Q: I am not getting married but I have come across your website and really love your style and designs, would you create some invites for my mothers 50th birthday party?

A: Well thank you very much, and considering you asked so nicely, why not! I focus on wedding stationery because that usually fills up enough of my time but I am always up for a design challenge, so yes, just email me, ask the question and if I can, I will help.



Q: How do I pay for the stationery, your website doesn’t have a shopping basket?

A: All our wedding stationery is amended with your information and details, so there tends to be a bit of back and forth until your final stationery is ready. Therefore it’s easier if I send you an invoice once everything is finalised. The invoice will contain all the details you need to make a BACS payment.


Q: What if I need to contact you outside of working hours?

A: I completely appreciate how stressful planning a wedding is for you and part of the service I offer is you knowing that I am there when you need me... if this is 3am then so be it. Lets try and limit communication to the hours of 9am - 5pm on weekdays though please.



If these didn't answer your question, feel free to email me.


Much Love,


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